samedi 7 septembre 2013

Bobby Laumans on Café Corsari Een September 11th, 2013


Bobby Laumans interview is supposed to be on show on this day.
Please check as it is not announced on the TV Chanel website

Photo album: Interview R. Laumans-Een_03.09.2013.Section Air MRA By André Bar

Interview R. Laumans-VTM_03.09.2013.Section Air MRA By André Bar
Royal Army Museum, Brussels, Belgium -
Sep 3, 2013
by bamf bamrs
Pictures taken by André Bar during the interview of Bobby Laumans for the TV Show Café Corsari to be on the air September 11th ( 5
5) 21:25 local time.

More about Bobby Laumans at

mercredi 26 juin 2013

Website : the last passage : Aviateurs alliés évadés

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Thx Mehdi

Forwarded message From: Mehdi Schneyders 
Date: 2013/6/26

Bonjour à tous.

Je viens de tomber sur ce site, sur lequel s'expriment des aviateurs alliés, à propos de leurs évasions du continent vers la Grande - Bretagne :

Passez une bonne journée.


Between 1941 and 1944, more than 3000 people are estimated to have been part of the escape and evasion network known as the Comete Line. We would like to thank the many helpers, their families and those who have been interested in the line for their tireless efforts in making this film.


mercredi 19 juin 2013

Pictures album : Pegasus bridge by André Bar

Pegasus Bridge by André bar
Jun 19, 2013
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